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SGB BrandSafway believe quality of design is one way to deliver exceptional value for clients. Teams of designers are retained with many years of broad practical experience producing scalable, workable designs.

  • The design step is complex and very intensive requiring design staff to be of the highest caliber and able to bring together lots of different elements, mapping what is needed to meet customer expectations.
  • Enhance new methods and create new solutions for customer needs and differentiation from competitor's designs.
  • Ensure that the technical and safety standards are maintained in all aspects of design work.
  • Provide on-site assistance with regard to inspection, methodology, system selection, amended design and issue resolution.
  • Directs the investigation, assessment and correction of engineering issues with customers.
  • On allocated projects participate in the planning, programming and monitoring of resources to meet timeline requirements and targets.
  • Design is performed in support of the sales teams and can be a time consuming activity. SGB BrandSafway are trusted to keep momentum in the design of a project and meet agreed deadlines. SGB BrandSafway design staff do this by harnessing mental stamina, determination and teamwork, proactively monitoring work on site with meticulous planning.

SGB BrandSafway design in a way that is economic in labour and cost and according to the relevant codes and standards stipulated in the contract. SGB BrandSafway do not ‘over-design’ and promote high productivity ensuring the best utilization of available resources. SGB BrandSafway can modify and adapt a design and interpret the client’s requirements to suit an agreed budget.

  • SGB BrandSafway Private Limited

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